1. How do I know my pick-up time?
If you’ve booked a PRIVATE transfer with us then we will let you know all your pick up times or corresponding instructions on your booking confirmation.
If you’ve booked a SHARED transfer we’ll give you an estimated pick up time but we’ll also send you instructions from our supplier to confirm your pick-up information.
For EXCURSIONS we’ll be in touch with you 24 hours before you go to let you know all your pick-up information.
If you’ve booked a TICKET ONLY with us we’ve included all the information you need to gain entry on your voucher .
2. What documentation will I receive?
We’ll give you a travel voucher for each service you book with us. We’ll send you this by e-mail or you can access it directly from My Bookings on our website.
Please make sure you print out this voucher as you’ll need to give it to our supplier on the day of your transfer or excursion.
3. What do I do if I can’t open my voucher?
We supply your voucher in pdf format which can be opened with Adobe Reader. If you don’t have this download it for free from http://www.adobe.com.
4. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
We’ll give you all the contact information you need on your voucher.
5. When I arrive at my destination, where do I go to find my transfer?
On your travel voucher we’ll give you all the information you need to find your transfer.
6. Where will I be picked up?
The pick-up information or the instructions how to get this information is all included in your travel voucher. If nothing is specified this will usually be outside the hotel .
If we need to change the pick-up information for any reason we’ll contact you latest 24hours before.
7. What happens if I can’t find my pick-up point?
We’ve included the contact information in your voucher. If you can’t find the pick-up point please contact us using this information.
8. What happens if my flight/train/ferry is delayed?
If you’ve provided us with the correct information we’ll keep an eye out for any delays and make the necessary arrangements.
If you haven’t provided us with this information it is your responsibility to update us so please contact us using the information on your voucher to arrange.
9. Can I still book an activity or transfer if I’m staying a residence or if I am staying in a non- Thomas Cook hotel?
Absolutely, but pick-up will take place from one of the hotels in our pre-populated list.
We recommend you research the location of the Hotels in order to select the best option available to you.
10. What happens if I’m late?
For shared transfers and excursions our drivers cannot wait so please ensure you are ready for collection at the pick-up time specified to you 48 hours before.
For private transfers our drivers will wait a maximum of 15 minutes after the designated pick-up time.
11. Who operates the transfers and Excursions ?
We work with a range of hand-picked suppliers sourced through our network of Destination Management Companies. We ensure that they all meet our stringent quality and health & safety standards.
12. Can I make a change to a service that’s already booked ?
If you need to make a change please cancel the existing booking and make a new one. Beware though cancellation charges will apply if this happens within the cancellation charge period displayed on your voucher.
13. Can I cancel my booking ?
On most bookings you can cancel free of charge up to 4 days before. You can cancel your booking and view the charges in the My Bookings tab on our website. Refunds will be processed back to the original card that you booked with.
14. How much baggage can I bring?
For transfers each passenger is allowed to bring one large piece of baggage weighing up to 20kg and one piece of hand baggage up to 5kg (maximum dimensions 45cm x 35cm x25xm).
If you wish to bring anything else please ensure you let us know in the special services field and a member of our team will contact you. Additional charges will apply.
On excursions you are able to bring one piece of hand baggage up to 5kg (maximum dimensions 45cm x 35cm x25xm).
15. Can I add more baggage on?
Of course, you can add this on in the booking journey subject to availability.
16. Can I bring an animal with me?
Absolutely but please let us know in the special services field when you book and make sure they travel in containers approved by IATA. They remain your responsibility throughout the trip.
17. What about children and infants?
Please let us know when you’re booking how many infants (2 and under) and children (3 to 12) are in your party.
Just to let you know in Spain when travelling in a private car transfer children must wear their seatbelt- failure to do so could result in a fine of €90. This does not apply for coaches or mini-buses.
For children under 3 we recommend using a booster chair or cushion however we are unable to provide this for you.
We are unable to accept bookings for unaccompanied children.
18. Can I bring a stroller/buggy?
Yes of course, we will carry buggies in the luggage hold free of charge. Just so you know we can only carry collapsible ones.
19. What languages will the driver speak?
We’re unable to guarantee what languages your driver will speak, however you’ll have all the information you need in your voucher and our drivers will still be on hand to assist you.
20. What vehicle will I travel in?
When you book a private transfer you’ll select the vehicle type during your booking.
For shared transfers and excursions you may be transported by car, mini-bus or coach.
21. What is the difference between a private transfer and a shared one?
A private transfer is just for you and your party and will take you direct to your chosen drop-off point.
A shared transfer is a cheaper alternative sharing with other passengers. These vehicles may have a short delay at the airport whilst waiting for other customers to arrive and will make other stops on the way so will take a bit longer than a private transfer.
22. What language will my excursion guide speak?
When you’re booking select your chosen language and we’ll only show you excursions that are operated in this language. Sometimes it might be necessary to offer guiding in more than one language on the same trip so the guide will offer information in your language alongside some others.
23. What’s included in my excursion?
You’ll find full details of what’s included in your excursion on the information page when you’re booking.
24. How will my personal details be processed?
Check out our privacy policy for all the information you need.